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Hygienic clean floor drain Pharmaceutical floor drain Stainless steel floor drain

Hygienic clean floor drain Pharmaceutical floor drain Stainless steel floor drain

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Hygienic floor drain

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Sanitary grade clean floor drain: the whole is made of stainless steel, and the surface is smooth and clean; it consists of a main body shell, a head, a mesh sheet, and a cover plate, the floor drain cover adopts a dark door handle to ensure coordination and smoothness with the whole surface. The water seal can be made as a 30mm/50mm water outlet and generally welded or inserted into the drain pipe (in the way of the drain pipe link), and the export size: DN51/76/102/108/159/168/219 and other special specifications can be additionally processed, stainless steel floor drain Advantages compared to other floor drains: A. The floor drain adopts double seals (air seal and water seal combined with each other) to ensure its sealing performance B. This stainless steel floor drain can prevent long-term immersion in water and cause corrosion compared to ordinary floor drain. Prolonging the service life C. When cleaning the clean floor drain, the detachable floor drain can unscrew the floor drain inner riser, thoroughly drain the drain, clean it and insert it back into place, and the floor drain does not have a sanitary corner. Dirty room drainage. After each floor drain has been cleaned, only a proper amount of disinfectant can be poured into the floor drain to ensure a clean production environment. D. Generally used in: clean floor drains in cleanrooms, clean floor drains for production workshops, floor drains for air purification, floor drains for dust-free workshops, clean floor drains in hospitals, and floor drains for pharmaceutical plants.

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