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Double effect concentrator

Double effect concentrator

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Double effect concentrator

This equipment is suitable for the recovery of industrial organic solvents (such as alcohol) such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, wine, starch, oral liquid, food, chemical industry, etc., and is suitable for low-temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials with a lot of small batches.

Single-effect, double-effect equipment features and benefits

1, alcohol recovery: a large recovery capacity, the use of vacuum operation methods, improved equipment process. Compared with the old type of equipment, it can increase productivity by 5-10 times and reduce energy consumption by 30%. It has the characteristics of small investment and high recycling efficiency.

2. Concentrated liquid material: This set of external circulation evaporation and concentrating equipment adopts the combination of external heating natural circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation. The evaporation speed is fast, and the concentrated proportion can reach 1.3. The liquid material is not foam-enriched in the whole seal. The concentrated liquid from the equipment has the characteristics of no pollution and strong smell, and it is easy to clean (open the lid of the heater and clean it). The device is simple to operate and has a small footprint. Heater and evaporator adopt stainless steel heat preservation structure. The appearance of heat preservation layer adopts stainless matte steel plate, which is beautiful and generous. The contact parts of the equipment and the liquid materials are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the GMP standards.

Three-effect energy concentrator features and benefits

Energy efficiency is calculated according to the 1T/h model, saving about 5,400 tons of steam and 140,000 tons of cooling water a year, saving more than 13 million kWh of electricity and reducing costs by more than 200,000 yuan.

The three-effect concentrator can use three-effect concentrator to evaporate at the same time, so that the secondary steam can be reused repeatedly, and the energy consumption can be reduced by about 70% compared with the single-effect ratio, and the cost can be recovered in less than one year of the energy-saving fee.

Multifunctional operation features

(1) Three effects can concentrate three different materials.

(2) One effect, two effects, three effects, three effects, two effects, and one effect can be repeated and collected.

(3) Concentration can be carried out intermittently and continuously.

(4) It can be used as a paste at one time. It can be used as a paste after the first effect, after the second effect, and the third effect.

The concentrator has a special structure, and the concentrated material has a strong taste.

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