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Three-effect falling film continuous feed concentrator

Three-effect falling film continuous feed concentrator

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1. Continuous feeding and discharging, the system is stable, easy to operate. When working in this series of equipment, it is only required to adjust various parameters as required during the initial stage of feeding, and at the same time, ensure continuous and stable supply of materials and convenient adjustment. Continuously and stably and efficiently concentrate and reach the required specific gravity requirements and simultaneously recover solvent.

2. High concentration ratio (up to 1.25-1.28), high thermal efficiency, and significant energy saving effect. In the structure of this system, we use an optimized design scheme to make the evaporation heat transfer coefficient reach 3400-3800w (m2·K), which is very suitable and advantageous for the concentration of Chinese herbal extracts, mainly because the material is in the heating tube. The film-like flow is rapid and the difference in heating temperature is small (only 8 to 10° C.), the evaporation temperature is low, and the material can form a rapid flash after entering the evaporator. The residence time and heating time of the liquid in the heating tube are short, and the viscosity of the material can be adapted to a wide range (50-500 cP). Even heating can hardly cause crystallization and coking, and the amount of damage to the active ingredient is small. The use of heat energy is sufficient and the energy saving effect is significant.

3. Easy to use advanced control methods. Since the concentration process mainly uses the temperature of each effect as the control parameter, the parameters of the system are stable during operation, and it is easy to adopt advanced automatic control (PLC and HMI control), and the cost of the control equipment is relatively low. Control has greater convenience.

4. The structural design is advanced and reasonable. In terms of structure, we use an optimized design scheme. When the feed liquid is distributed in the pipe, I use an advanced liquid distribution device so that the material can evenly enter the heating pipes. At the same time, the imported high-quality inner wall mirror is selected. The tube is used as a heating tube, so that the material has a small flow resistance in the tube, a high speed, and it is not easy to precipitate scaling. In order to increase the yield of the enrichment, the system is equipped with an advanced mist trap to eliminate the strong entrainment of entrainment. The separation efficiency can reach 96-99%, and the resistance drop is small.

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