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Split type CIP cleaning system

Split type CIP cleaning system

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First, split CIP cleaning system description

The split type CIP cleaning system generally refers to that the CIP cleaning tanks are separate and independent. It is one of the preconditions for sanitary standards in the production of foods and pharmaceuticals. It can eliminate cross-contamination of active ingredients, eliminate insoluble particles, and reduce or eliminate microorganisms. Contamination of products with heat sources. GMP requires the best use of food and pharmaceutical companies to recommend the use of split CIP cleaning system, due to the high price of foreign automatic split CIP cleaning system, which restricts the use of related companies in China. Our company's professional and technical personnel have digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology for many problems. We have successfully developed an automatic split-type CIP cleaning system with advantages of high automation, simple operation, and reasonable price.

Second, split CIP cleaning system performance characteristics

1. Flexible and universal: The system can perform pickling, caustic washing, hot water washing and other processes separately, and can also prepare specific cleaning programs according to need to perform automatic cleaning; not only can the equipment be cleaned effectively, but also it can control Microbial growth; at the same time, semi-automatic and fully automatic control systems can be configured according to customer requirements.

2. Safe and reliable: Concentrated acid and concentrated alkaline solution are carried in buried type concentrated acid and concentrated alkali cylinders; the liquid level in the tank is automatically controlled and there is an overflow protection system; the unique outlet structure can prevent the precipitation of the cleaning solution. Block the pipe.

3. Economical and reliable: Compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time is greatly reduced and the working efficiency is improved; the use of cleaning agents and water will be more scientific and reasonable; at the same time, the steam consumption is relatively small, and the purpose of reasonable energy utilization can be achieved. This effectively reduces cleaning costs. Mature PLC control system: years of experience accumulated, making our program more perfect, plus the import of high-quality control components, can ensure long-term, stable work of the system; friendly man-machine interface can shorten the training time of the operator, can be intuitive The working status of the key components of the display device; the easy-to-understand help interface can assist the operator in judging and handling a variety of common fault information, so that the device can be restored to a normal state in time.

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