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Frame filter stainless steel frame filter frame plate filter

Frame filter stainless steel frame filter frame plate filter

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Stainless steel frame filter BASB400NN-1

Product Overview: Hao Hang BASB400NN-1 series of stainless steel frame filter, the filter plate, filter frame are all stainless steel SUS304 material, the sealing material is medical grade white silicone rubber, heat resistance ≤ 140 °C, plate frame surface Smooth, clean and leave no dead ends, use temperature ≤ 140 °C. The frame type of this machine has frame type stainless steel rack with feeding sanitary pump (BASB/400NN-1 type ) and thrust plate, one type of stand with no feed pump (BASB/400NN-2 type ) two types . BASB / 400 NN series stainless steel fine filter frame type of each filter plate with four corners of the liquid through rectangular holes, only one side of the vertical two rectangular holes communicating with the interior of filter plates and filter frames alternately arranged (two-sided tape orifice of the filter plate, the filter frame is non-porous), filtration, the feed liquid flowing from the two rectangular holes side filter box through the filter layer (filter medium), supernatant from the filter plate a Side of the two outlet angle hole discharge. (1) Cardboard filter: The plane between the frame presses tightly, suitable for clamping thick filter paperboard , such as the support plate, pre-filter plate, fine filter plate, degerming plate and so on with thickness of 3-5mm . (2) Plate and frame type diatomaceous earth filter, through the widening of the filter frame to 25-40mm , increasing the space capacity of the filter frame, after the support plate is clamped between the plate frame, pre-coating with diatom or activated carbon, etc. Filters are filtered. Suitable for a variety of filter media BASB/400 NN series stainless steel frame filter for a variety of special filters (beer, wine fine filter plate, clear plate, degerming plate, support plate, coarse filter plate, etc.) and add help Filter filtration. Application BASB/400 NN-1 series stainless steel frame filter has a special plate frame structure and is suitable for a variety of filter materials. It can meet users' various filtration process requirements. Therefore, its application areas are very wide, such as alcohol (fruit wine, wine, health wine, rice wine, beer, liquor, etc.), liquid medicine (Chinese medicine extract and other pharmaceutical filtration), beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, honey, syrup, each Oils (food oils, industrial oils), chemical products, etc. By selecting filter materials with different rule precisions, different effects such as coarse filtration, fine filtration, microfiltration, and sterilization can be achieved. The main specifications and parameters of filtration principles and processes

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