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pp jumbo bag pp big bag ton bag pp woven ton bag Skirt Top Bulk Bag

pp jumbo bag pp big bag ton bag pp woven ton bag Skirt Top Bulk Bag

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pp jumbo bag pp big bag ton bag  pp woven ton bag Skirt Top Bulk Bag      

1.Material: PP
2.Different Style
3.Load capacity up to 2T 
4.Weight up to 200g/m2


ton bag 

1) Any size 
2) UV treated 
3) For packing cements, fertilizers, and beans

4) Material: PP fabric

5) Cloth grams: 140g/m2-200g/m2

6) Color available: beige, white, yellow.....
7) Load capacity: 500kg; 1,000kg; 1,500kg; 2,000kg;

Packing: Packed in bales as per customers' requirements.



ton bag  PP ton bags 100% pp woven ton bag 1000kg for sand 

1)Anyone must be kept away from around working place.

2)When lifting the bag, even hang it with four hanging ropes.

3)Avoid hooking or breaking in operation.

4)Do not drag the bag on the projected surface.

5)Prevent shovel of forklift from breaking the body of bags.

6)Remove the filled bags in pallets in workhouse as possible as can.

7)Keep standing the bags required before loading, unloading or piling.

8)Do not brag the bags on the floor or on cement ground.

9)If to store bags outdoors, be sure to put them on pallets, then covered with opaque tarpaulin.

10)Bags should be fully covered with paper or opaque tarpaulin and stored in ventilated place.


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